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When you need information about the user’s device, you call ECommerceInterface#getDeviceInfo(). This ranges from storage information to device identifiers.

var info = ec.getDeviceInfo();
Method Documentation
info.isKeyPairConfirmed It’s rather unclear on what this is to mean. There’s logic elsewhere regarding keypair generation, though it’s yet to been figured out.
info.deviceId Sourced from ec.cfg .
info.serial The device’s serial number, as sourced from /title/0000001/0000002/data/setting.txt .
info.accountId A value returned from the server. TODO: research.
info.registrationStatus TODO: research. Most likely set once ec.checkRegistration() is called.
info.originalSerial Blank by default. Nintendo can change the Wii’s serial number when it checks registration.
info.extAccountId Unknown.
info.region The device’s region, such as USA.
info.language The device’s language, such as en. The device’s country, such as US.
info.accountCountry The account’s country, such as US.
info.blockSize How many bytes a block is. This should always be 16 KiB, or 16,384 bytes.
info.usedBlocks The amount of used blocks on the device.
info.totalBlocks The total amount of blocks on the device.
info.usedSysBlocks The amount of blocks used up by system data.
info.totalSysBlocks The amount of blocks allocated for use to the system.
info.usedUserInodes The amount of Inodes available to user data.
info.maxUserInodes The cap on Inodes available to the user.
info.usedSysInodes The amount of used Inodes by the system.
info.maxSysInodes The cap of Inodes available to the system.
info.netContentRestrictions Returns an integer, with flags regarding content restriction. TODO: investigate
info.userAge User age as defined by parental controls.
info.parentalControlFlags Flags regarding restrictions set via parental controls. See also:
info.parentalControlOgn Unknown.
info.isParentalControlEnabled Boolean on whether parental controls are enabled.
info.isNeedTicketSync Boolean value on whether the device needs to sync tickets.
info.lastTicketSyncTime Timestamp of some sort. A returned value was 1322524844000,
info.wirelessMACAddr The MAC address for wireless, returned as a string (format XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX).
info.bluetoothMACAddr Same format and purpose as above, but for bluetooth.
info.titleId The app’s current title ID. For the Wii Shop Channel, that is “0001000248414241” (as a string).
info.freeChannelAppCount The amount of channels currently free the Wii Menu. As each page is 4 columns with 3 rows, and there are 4 pages, there’s a potential maximum of 48 channels available.
info.deviceCode Friend code of the device as a string.
info.accountDeviceCode Same as above.
info.isNeedTicketSyncImportAll Whether the device needs to import all tickets from a sync. TBD.