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ECProgress is an object describing an operation’s state. You should not instantiate one yourself - instead, for all asynchronous operations, one will be returned by the function.

For example, you may encounter:

var progress = ec.checkDeviceStatus();


Method Description
progress.status Integer regarding the internal EC value of operations. -4009 appears to mean “incomplete”.
progress.operation String of the current operation. For the example above, this could be checkDeviceStatus .
progress.description Description of the current operation. Typically empty. TODO: find how to set a description.
progress.phase Unknown, typically observed to be 17.
progress.isCancelRequested Boolean regarding if this asyncronous operation should be cancelled.
progress.downloadedSize Size currently downloaded. Most useful for a title contents-related operation.
progress.totalSize Size of the finished contents. Most useful for a title contents-related operation.
progress.errCode Error code returned from operation.
progress.errInfo Information about the error. TODO: find how this is set